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Technical Information on Steel Halls

Our main benefit consists in our ability to draw-up the production documentation, optimize the dimensions of manufactured parts, manufacture the steel hall in our own plant, and subsequently minimize the installation works.

This way, we can provide you with above-standard quality while significantly accelerating the overall construction of your steel hall.

Production Documentation and Structural Analysis

  • Production documentation for supporting steel structures is designed in line with the applicable system of standards (Eurocode) using three-dimensional calculation models. This enables us to achieve the maximum efficiency in design and optimization of our structures.
  • Based on specific dimensions, loads, and foundation conditions, we design an ideal configuration from the perspective of the structural system, geometry of the supporting structure, and cross-sections of individual elements.
  • Selection of the suitable configuration is based on our long-term experience with design of steel structures and from our database of alternative solutions and model cases of hall structures.
  • Based on the three-dimensional calculation model, we create a 3D structural model to which we add all details including connecting items and welds.
  • Subsequently, the structural model is used to generate the CNC data and drawing documentation for production and installation.

Main standard rolled elements, either in form of welded lattice girders or solid frames are suitably accompanied by thin-wall elements in order to achieve optimal utilization of individual cross-sections.

When a fire resistance is required, we can design the steel elements with fire rating of 15 minutes.

For more details, please call: Ing. Martin Kovář, Chief Commercial Officer, +420 737 270 600

Technical Information on Steel Halls
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