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Are you planning an ideal solution for building an indoor sports facility? Steel sports halls are economic, they are characterized by easy maintenance and long service life and they are sufficiently modular to meet all your requirements.

Steel Structure

Steel structures represent an ideal solution for assembled sports halls and gyms. The structures of this type are not only economically advantageous but also perfectly functional. Sports demand space and assembled structures can provide maximum indoor span with maximal height.

Our assembled sports halls are delivered as turn-key solutions and they always respect individual requirements of each customer (respectively of each sport that will be played in the hall). Other important requirements may comprise certain span, specific wall and roof system, ground plan dimensions, clear height, etc. It is also possible to choose between frame or lattice structure.

In case of sports halls, you can always count on free interior layout for maximum efficiency of space utilization, short delivery and construction time, as well as high quality which is so important for high resistance and long service life of the building.

Surface Type

We also offer a number of surface types. From the specific ones intended for certain sports in single-purpose halls up to the surfaces suitable for multifunctional sports halls as for example polyurethane.

Envelope and Lighting

Sports halls are usually provided with thermal insulation with envelope made of sandwich panels, however, the thermal design always depends on the specific hall type. As an example, it is possible to mention a specific external structure for ice stadiums which allows for forced ventilation and prevents icing and fog formation.

There are also numerous options of day-time lighting of the interior which can be provided by transparent panels or ribbon windows in the walls of the hall.

Advantages of Steel Sports Halls

  • Detailed solution from the perspective of economy, maximal functionality, and further use
  • Steel structure variability according to customer’s requirements
  • Individual span with free layout
  • Efficient use of interior space in the hall
  • A broad selection of wall and roof systems
  • Quick supply and installation
  • Long service life and easy maintenance

Specifications of the Sports Halls

  • Frame or lattice steel structure
  • Usually provided with thermal insulation, envelope made of sandwich panels
  • Day-time lighting through transparent panels or ribbon windows in the side walls

Characteristics of the Sports Halls

  • Large spans without interior supports
  • Ground plan dimensions and clear height must be adapted to the sport with the highest demands on such dimensions
  • Specific type of the operating facilities have a significant impact on the thermal-technical design of the hall and design of relevant structures
  • External walls of ice stadiums have to be designed so that the forced ventilation system eliminates icing and fog formation

Use of Steel Sports Halls

  • Gyms
  • Ice stadiums
  • Multi-functional halls for volleyball, tennis, badminton, basketball, field hockey, etc.
  • Training halls
  • Swimming pools
  • Sports centers

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Sports Halls
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