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A high quality and fully functional production hall is a must for successful operations of the company. No matter whether the hall is intended for engineering, food, or any other industry, the basic characteristics of production halls are identical in many respects.

We offer economic and at the same time highly functional solutions in the area of assembled production halls. Our steel halls are characterized by easy maintenance, long-term service life, fast supply and overall construction execution.

If you want to extend your business and move your production to a new hall, do not hesitate to contact us.

Steel Structure

When designing and erecting an industrial hall, it is always necessary to focus in particular on the maximal functionality of the structure. In contrast to the storage halls, these structured are characterized by lower clear height. Exact specification depends on the specific purpose of the hall, of course. Our assembled steel structures thus allow for primary selection of span between 20 – 28 meters or as required by the customer.

Basic module of transverse links is 9 meters long. Industrial halls are mostly heated (respectively provided with insulating sandwich panels) so that the interior temperature varies between 18 and 20°C.

Lighting and Ventilation

Natural daylight illumination is increasingly important in the production halls. Windows, openings, transparent panels, skylights and other elements are designed with regard to the specific purpose of the hall in order to ensure ideal illumination of the entire space.

In case of facilities with wet or humid environment, it is necessary to include measures against water condensation on the walls, floors, and roof, and to ensure sufficient air circulation and exchange.

What Can be Included in the Production Halls?

Assembled production halls are usually more tailored to technological demands of the production process. Their interior may comprise crane tracks, internal placements for hygienic facilities, offices, workshops, etc. The customer can thus always choose from numerous wall and roof systems and tailor the hall precisely to their individual requirements.

Advantages of Assembled Production Halls

  • Detailed solution from the perspective of economy, maximal functionality, and further use
  • Steel structure variability according to customer’s requirements
  • Individual span with free layout
  • Efficient use of interior space in the hall
  • Possibility of interior placements for hygienic facilities or offices
  • A broad selection of wall and roof systems
  • Quick supply and installation
  • Detailed solution from the perspective of economy, maximal functionality, and further use
  • Long service life and easy maintenance

Steel Production Hall Specification

  • Basic module of transverse links is 9 meters long
  • Span 20 - 28 meters or as required
  • Lattice steel structures with the possibility of overhead travelling cranes installation
  • Halls with thermal insulation with envelope made of sandwich panels
  • Daylight illumination thanks to a combination of transparent panels or ribbon windows on the sides of the hall and the skylights

Characteristics of the Industrial Halls

  • They are mostly provided with thermal insulation, required interior temperature around 18-20ˇC
  • Layout of windows and skylights is proposed with regard to the type of the activities and thermal stability as they considerably influence the interior environment
  • In case of industrial halls with wet and humid environment, it is usually necessary to deal with measures against surface condensation on the walls and roofs together with sufficient air exchange
  • Specific types of the operating facilities have a significant impact on the thermal-technical design of the hall and design of relevant structures
  • Possibility of design with overhead travelling cranes

Use of Production and Industrial Halls

  • Halls for engineering industry
  • Halls for food industry
  • Halls for metallurgical industry
  • Halls for automotive industry

For more details, please call: Hana Formánková, +420 737 270 600


Industrial and Production Halls
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