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Commercial and Shopping Halls

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Commercial and shopping halls are specific because they place high demands on the overall atmosphere within the commercial or shopping space. Another frequent factor is the free layout of the presentation and sales in combination with building appearance according to visual style of the particular company. Our commercial halls can be well used also in these cases.

Economic design in combination with our internal production and installation capacities allow us to construct shopping centers quickly, economically, and efficiently.

Advantages of Commercial or Shopping Hall

  • Steel structure variability according to customer’s requirements
  • Individual span with free layout
  • Possibility of using the steel structures as a significant architectural element in the interior
  • Efficient use of interior space
  • Quick supply and installation
  • Long service life and easy maintenance

Specifications of the Commercial Halls

  • Frame or lattice steel structure
  • Halls with thermal insulation with envelope made of sandwich panels
  • Emphasize on architectural design and representative appearance
  • The specific purpose is also determining for the design of windows and doors in the facade

Use of Shopping and Commercial Halls

  • Car dealerships
  • Showrooms
  • Hobby markets
  • Hypermarkets
  • Large sports equipment shops

For more details, please call: Hana Formánková, +420 737 270 600


Commercial and Shopping Halls
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