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If you are looking for design and construction of new storage space, we can offer you a complete solution comprising design, production, and construction of assembled halls optimized for the particular product type exactly according to your requirements.

Our assembled storage halls are light, functional, economic and their construction is very fast mainly thanks to our long-term experience in the field and also thanks to our internal design, production, and erection capacities.

Steel Structure

Basic version of our assembled halls have the span between 20 and 28 meters depending on specific customer’s needs (this figure can be changed as necessary to accommodate customer’s requirements). Basic module of transverse links is 9 meters long.

The storage halls are designed with free internal layout in order to allow for use of any rack system. When required, we can design a bespoke steel structure for you, which will satisfy all your requirements. The hall can also be equipped with overhead travelling cranes.


Decision whether to choose the hall with thermal insulation or without thermal insulation most often depends on type of stored goods and material. In case of storage halls with thermal insulation, the envelope will be made with sandwich panels; halls without thermal insulation are provided with trapezoidal sheets. We can, of course, also deliver structures for refrigerated warehouses construction.

No matter what business you work in, what product, machines, or equipment you want to store in your new hall, whether you want to use it as logistic or distribution center or whether you want to lease it, you can rely on high quality of design, long service life, easy maintenance, and broad selection of wall and roof systems, as well as short delivery and construction periods.

If you are looking for the best way of extending your storage space, do not hesitate to contact us.

Advantages of Assembled Storage Halls

  • Detailed solution from the perspective of economy, maximal functionality, and further use
  • Steel structure variability according to customer’s requirements
  • Individual span with free layout
  • Efficient use of interior space in the hall
  • A broad selection of wall and roof systems
  • Quick supply and installation
  • The most popular hall type suitable as an investment opportunity for lease
  • Long service life and easy maintenance

Specification of Assembled Storage Halls

  • Basic module of transverse links is 9 meters long
  • Span 20 - 28 meters or as required
  • Frame or lattice steel structure
  • Halls with thermal insulation with envelope made of sandwich panels
  • Halls without thermal insulation with envelope made of trapezoidal sheets

Characteristics of the Steel Storage Halls

  • Optimum dimensions according to the stored goods or products
  • Free interior layout.
  • With or without thermal insulation as required by the investor
  • Possibility of design with overhead travelling cranes

Utilization of the Storage Halls

  • Storage of products, machines, and/or equipment
  • Logistic centers
  • Shipping centers
  • Storage of agricultural products and crops
  • Refrigerated storage halls

For more details, please call: Hana Formánková, +420 737 270 600


Storage Halls
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