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About Excon

We are one of the first post-revolutionary construction joint-stock companies. The founders are Czech natural persons who worked in the company – and some still do to this day. At the end of 2015, the founders handed the company over to company management.

EXCON is primarily and traditionally engaged in the business of steel structures.

The company began operations in 1990 as a design studio specializing in the structural analysis and dynamics of steel structures. In early 1995, it expanded its activities to include engineering and contracting. Following the introduction of new standards for inspection and maintenance of steel structures, which EXCON helped author, it is rolling out building diagnostic services.

Thanks to such extensive experience in the field of steel structures, own design team, production plant, and installation teams, we can offer our own product – steel halls – characterized by advantageous price, high quality, short lead times, unique technical solution and functional parameters.

About Excon
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